Here, you can find a selection of special brushes.

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More versions available on request!

Item 8298
Wiper brush

Wiper brush, black bristle -cut diagonally -, with plastic holder

Item 8388
Plate brush - special production

Brush body PVC grey Ø 45.0 x 13.0 mm, inner thread 1/4, equipped with nylon bundle Ø 3.9 x 0.30 mm, visible hair length: 45.0 mm, 24 bundles per brush

Item 8325
Plate brush

Plate brush, maintenance / repair, new equipment of the bristle material

Item 835 ST
Special brush

Steel wide, corrugated 0.20 mm, holder for drill, diameter 12.0 x 32 mm, visible bristle length 22.0 mm

Item 8545
Cleaning brush

Transparent nylon 0.20 mm, aluminium turned part ø 20 mm, M5-outer thread, length 54 mm